Exit Your Timeshare

Exit Options

  1. Right of rescission

    If you purchased your timeshare recently (last 1-10) days, you could possibly exercise your right of recession. Every state is different so check with your local authorities.

    Note: Don’t let the resort make you think that you can’t get out of your contract

  2. Your timeshare’s value

    If you want to find out what your timeshare is worth you can take the following steps:

    • Call your resort and ask them to buy it back. Ask them how much they will give you for your timeshare. (99% of the time they won’t buy it and if they do they will buy it for pennies on the dollar)
    • Check sites like EBAY, where you will find a lot of owners trying to sell but many owners having their timeshare on EBAY for years with no luck because the resale market is saturated.
  3. Contact Member Perks

    If you find yourself with no other options for selling your timeshare, contact us here at Member Perks for a free consultation. We offer a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE, if we can not get you out of your timeshare. We will never affect your credit during the whole process.