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The Results - Wyndham

James Reagan

Gold Owner allocated 578,000 Wyndham points. In 2017, James was injured on the job and not able to travel at all, let alone use his points. Rather than pay exchange fees James was paid out $4,768.50

Alice Madison

Presidential Owner who has owned for over 17 years, allocated 2.75 million Wyndham points. She had not seen her resort in 12 years, the kids are grown up and the Madisons simply do not need as many points as they once did. With maintenance eating into her budget, the $26,813 went a long way.

Francis Stanton

Plus Owner who only gets 160,000 every year, like so many other Plus Owners, was not able to get the availability promised during the presentation. Francis went to Ireland with over $1,200 cash in hand.